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Pokemon: In which we learn that I am a man of my word.

Pilot Era

First Aired: 29th March 1999


Veronica Taylor                              Ash Ketchum

Ikue Otani                                     Pikachu

Plot: The biggest thing in this world is the capturing, training and battling of the little creatures called Pokemon. The story starts with a televised match between a Nidorina and a Gengar. It’s being watched everywhere, but we’re watching through the eyes of 10 year old Ash Ketchum, a resolute but excited ten year old, from Pallett Town, with the ambition to be the greatest Pokemon trainer of all and reach the heady heights of Pokemon Master. It is the night before he gets his first Pokemon from the local expert Professor Oak and he’s having trouble sleeping. As is the way it goes in…

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Archer: In which we learn that’s how you get ants!

Another Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

First Aired:17th September 2009


H. Jon Benjamin Sterling Archer

Aisha Tyler Lana Kane

Jessica Walters Malory Archer

Chris Parnell Cyril Figgis

Judy Greer Cheryl Funt

Amber Nash Pam Poovey

Plot: Sterling Archer is being tortured and interrogated, well it’s a simulation, with fellow secret agents Crenshaw within the spy agency ISIS, headed by Sterling’s mother Malory Archer. It doesn’t go well. To make himself feel better, Archer ends up pulling a Swedish flight attendant and wakes to her dog and berates his butler Woodhouse for letting it in.

Archer goes to work, encountering mad scientist Krieger, receptionist Cheryl, HR head Pam, ex-girlfriend Lana and her rebound boyfriend Cyril Figgis, the accounts guy who points out that there are plenty of discrepancies in his operations account and he needs to square the account, a sentiment shared when Archer is in a meeting with his mother, who Archer walks…

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Green Wing: In which we learn that Caroline doesn’t know what a toilet brush is.

Because I needed something positive today, another Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era

First Aired:3rd September 2004


Tamsin Greig                                  Doctor Caroline Todd

Michelle Gomez                             Sue White

Stephen Mangan                          Doctor Guillame Secretan

Julian Rhind                                 Doctor McCartney

Karl Theobald                              Doctor Martin Deer

Oliver Chris                                 Doctor Boyce

Karl Theobald                              Doctor Martin Deer

Mark Heap               …

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The IT Crowd: In which we learn that your office isn’t that bad.

Another Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

First Aired:3rd February 2006


Chris O’Dowd                                Roy Trennerman

Richard Ayoade                            Maurice Moss

Katherine Parkinson                    Jennifer Barber

Chris Morris                              Denholm Renholm

Plot: Jen is starting work at Renholm industries under the eye of madman Denholm Renholm and is put in charge of the IT department, based on a lie on her CV.

Her new department is essentially two staff in the basement, lazy and antisocial Roy and uber-nerd Moss, who are unhappy about their lot in life. Jen is enchanted by the upper floors and equally horrified when sent down to the basement. The pair are horrified about a…

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Friends: In which we learn that the title might be ironic.

Posting this, because I am after something positive to have been done today.

Pilot Era

First Aired: 22nd September 1994


Jennifer Anniston                           Rachel Green

Courtney Cox                                Monica Geller

Lisa Kudrow                                 Phoebe Buffey

Matt LeBlanc                               Joey Tribbiani

Matthew Perry                           Chandler Bing

David Schwimmer                    Ross Geller

Plot: Four friends office worker Chandler, aromatherpist Phoebe, struggling actor Joey and sous chef Monica are at the coffee place below the apartments were most of them live. They are joined by Monica’s brother Ross, who is distraught…

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