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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : In which we learn that Zordon doesn’t know what dinosaurs are.

Another Pilot Era Post

Pilot Era


Walter Jones Zack Taylor

Amy Jo Johnson Kimberley Hart

David Yost Billy Cranston

Thuy Trang Trini Kwan

Austin St John Jason Lee

Paul Scrier Farcas ‘Bulk’ Bulkmeyer

Jason Narvy Eugene ‘Skull’ Skullovich

David Fielding Zordon of Eltar

First aired:28th August 1993

Plot: Two astronauts on the moon find a receptacle that they can only describe as a dumpster. They open it and accidentally free cosmic villainess Rita Repulsa and her less than intimidating cohorts, Goldar, Squatt, Finster and Baboo.

On Earth, more specifically the California town of Angel Grove, a group of 5 friends (Jason, Zack, Kimberley, Trini and Billy) are practicing gymnastics and martial arts in a gym/juice bar/rec centre, when local reprobates Bulk and Skull arrive to sexually harass Kimberley and Trini. After having their arses handed to them, they join Jason’s karate class, only to be further embarassed. The ground begins to shake…

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