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Dollhouse: In which we learn what you can be Ok with is flexible with enough money.

Another Pilot Era post

Pilot Era

_20180603_0829302022064776.jpgMain Cast:

Eliza Dushku Echo/Caroline Farrell/Miss Penn

Henry Lennix Boyd Langton

Olivia Williams Adele DeWitt

Tamoh Penikett Paul Ballard

Franz Kanz Topher Brink

Amy Acker Dr. Saunders

Enver Gjokai Anton Lubov

Dichen Lachman Sierra

Reed Diamond Mr Dominic

Guest Cast:

Kurt Caceras Gabriel Crestejo

Haley Alexis Pullo Davina Crestejo

First Aired:13th February 2009

Plot: A young woman named Caroline is in a meeting with Adelle DeWitt, she is being asked to volunteer for something. She’s clearly upset and is blaming herself for something. Miss DeWitt asks for 5 years, reluctantly she agrees.

It’s night-time, at some point later and two people are racing on motorbikes in the street. One of them is Caroline, but really it isn’t. The other is a guy called Matt. They race to his party and after a romantic moment, she is whisked away by Boyd Langton, who offers her a ‘treatment’ and she’s away…

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