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Stargate SG-1: In which we learn that the Egyptian gods liked a bit of bush.

Post 3 from Pilot Era

Pilot Era

stargate.jpg.1379276374763.jpgFirst aired: 21 July 1997


Richard Dean Anderson Col. Jack O’Neill

Michael Shanks Dr. Daniel Jackson

Amanda Tapping Capt. Samantha Carter

Don. S. Davies Gen. George Hammond

Christopher Judge Teal’c

Alexis Cruz Skaara

Peter Williams Apophis

Brent Stait Lois Feretti

Jay Acovone Maj. Charles Kowalsky

Roberts Wisden Col. Samuels

Vaitiare Bandera Sha’re

Plot: The events on the Abydos mission (portrayed in the Stargate movie) have left the Stargate project mothballed and the gate itself is guarded by 6 bored US Air Force soldiers. One day during a poker game, the chevrons on the gate light up and the portal opens with the same water-like surge. Through it comes a sphere which seems to scan the area before and shock-wave from it knocks the soldiers off their feet. Before they can get back on their feet six figures in grey armour with snake helmets emerge, surrounding a seventh, dressed in…

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