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Last Week’s Comics 6

Settle in boys and girls, this was a bigger week.
















Avengers 5

Marvel comics: Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness

Loki teaches history as the Avengers get ready for a celestial smackdown.

What I liked: More action, exciting visuals and a knock down, drag out on the way.

What I didn’t: Nothing, this is solid old school Avenger-ing

Overall: Now  this is more like it 4/5

Cable 159

Marvel comics: Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson on words, German Peralta on art

The origin of Metus concludes as we learn the secret Cable has kept since he was a child.

What I liked: The story comes to a satisfying conclusion with a look at Nathan’s early past.

What I didn’t: Choppy art and mismatched pacing killing my interest in this story.

Overall: I have heard that this title is on it’s way out, not surprised or saddened by that. 2/5

Infinity Countdown 5


Marvel comics: Gerry Duggan on words, Aaron Kuder and Mike Hawthorne on art

The countdown reaches it’s end and the Infinity Gems are now in play.

What I liked: That this series has ended.

What I didn’t: That I bought this and the previous countdown issues.

Overall: Tell me what the point of that was? 1/5

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers  29

Boom Studios: Kyle Higgins and Nicole DiNucolo

An army of Rangers descend to battle Darkkon and rescue his prisoners and the morphing grid itself.

What I liked: Solid characterisation as a climatic ending is built towards.

What I didn’t: Still not too much going on, this story is a bit flabby in the middle.

Overall: Solid if a little underwhelming 3/5

Runaways 11

Marvel comics: Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka

Gertie struggles with being in the present as Victor prefers being just a head and Doombot shows respect and compassion.

What I liked: Nice bit of after big story character work, everyone feels a bit more real that in a lot of other comics.

What I didn’t: It’s another action light issue, interested in seeing more stuff happen perhaps?

Overall: This is a series that needs a bit of direction, or at least to show it’s direction to the readers. 3/5

Thor 3

Marvel comics: Jason Aaron and Mike DelMundo

A war, a wedding, a funeral and a surprise guest.

What I liked: Game of Thrones flavoured action and a soap opera level ending.

What I didn’t: It’s still the art, am struggling with it more each issue.

Overall: Fun and action in equal measure 3/5

The WildStorm 15

DC comics: Warren Ellis and Jon Davis

Slayton continues his killing spree as IO and Skywatch ready themselves for open war.

What I liked: Solid episodic issue and tons of old WildStorm easter eggs.

What I didn’t: Still feels like it’s written for the trade.

Overall: Am so glad to see this series and am loving each issue 4/5

X-Men Gold 32

Marvel comics: Marc Guggenheim and Pere Perez

Rachel in a hallucinating state takes on the X-Men, it doesn’t go well.

What I liked: Finally we are getting away from the wedding and finish off the Mesmero subplot with some action.

What I didn’t: Not much, most of my dislikes are minor things.

Overall: Back to a comic worth reading again 4/5

Comic of the Week X-Men Red 6

Marvel comics: Tom Taylor and Carmen Camera

Cassandra Nova continues to gain the upper hand in her war against Jean Grey’s mission of peace.

What I liked: The X-Men are up against it. Hate is the true enemy. The stakes are only getting higher. This is the X-Men as it should be.

What I didn’t: Not a damn thing.

Overall: X-Men comics that feel like X-Men 5/5




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