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Last Week’s Comics 4

Another good week.

















Astonishing X-Men 13

Marvel Comics: written by Matthew Rosenberg, pencils by Greg Land.

Disgraced Avenger and X-Man Havok tries to do good again, getting involved with Beast’s drama and the Reavers.

What I liked: I liked the team set out on the cover, am also a fan of Havok and it’s all questions at this point.

What I didn’t: Not a fan of Greg Land, none of his faces are consistent or particularly on model and the bashing of Havok is overdone here.

Overall: 3/5 a decent start if nothing else.

Avengers 4

Marvel Comics: written by Jason Aaron and art by Ed McGuiness

Thor and Hulk head to Asgard to find out what Odin knows and find a way to stop the Celestial.

What I liked: More pieces fall into place and story is starting to take shape.

What I didn’t: It still hasn’t had the moment that pulls me into it completely.

Overall: A bit greatest hits, but enjoying the Avengers again.

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider 21

Marvel Comics: written by Peter David with Will Sliney on art.

One Scarlet Spider battles a Mindless One whilst the other takes on Sauron with a child’s life at stake in each battle.

Go Go Power Rangers 11

Boom studios: Written by Ryan Parrott, illustrated by Dan Mora.

with be

Future Kimberly battles the team and the threat of Darkkon grows ever greater.

What I liked: Familiar characters with better writing and a crossover in two different eras as tight as any the big two are doing.

What I didn’t: Still no end to Shattered Grid in sight, some part xx of xx would have been nice.

Overall: 3/5 Still better than a power rangers series has any business being.

Infinity Countdown Champions: 2

Marvel Comics: written by Jim Zub with art by Emilio Laiso

The Champions battle for the Chitauri against the Chitauri.

What I liked: High action and quippy writing.

What I didn’t: It feels a little soulless and unnecessary to the overall event.

Overall: 2 out of 5, still a little disappointing.

Justice League 3

DC Comics: Written by Scott Snyder with art by Jorge Jimenez

The Justice League faces the Ultraviolet Lantern as the scale of the problem increases dramatically.

What I liked: More background on Sinestro and some Source Wall shenanigans.

What I didn’t: It’s rising action, but after all the exposition I am still not feeling the tension.

Overall: I want to like this better than I do 2/5.

X-Men Gold 31

Marvel Comics: written by Marc Guggenheim, art by Pere Perez

In the aftermath of the wedding, Mesmero starts manipulating Rachel Summers.

What I liked: That we are not still doing the wedding story.

What I didn’t: Rachel has had too little characterisation for this to work so well.

Overall: 4/5 Optimistic start.

Comic of the Week: Man of Steel 6

DC Comics: written by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Jason Fabok.

The climax to the battle with Rogon Zaar.

What I liked: Solid writing and clean and eye pleasing art by Fabok lead to a story that holds together and makes me eager to see what’s next.

What I didn’t: Nothing

Overall 5/5 Bendis proves some of the haters wrong, including me to be honest.



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