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5 Comic Book Couples

Another 5 and I’m been toying with doing this one for a while and decided, why not?

Scott Free and Big Barda

First shown in Mister Miracle part of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, this was part star-crossed romance and part loving everyday family stuff. Scott Free was born on the world of New Genesis, but raised in the orphanages of Apokolips and spent every hour of every day trying to escape. Barda was born and raised on Apokolips and worked her way up the ranks of the Female Furies, rebel and career soldier, born on opposing sides. But it works. Scott is more in the traditional female role, smaller, more emotionally expressive and Barda is the huge warrior. They both have their own skills, their own scars and they compliment one another perfectly.  Equally at home working in the garden and battling death-traps and parademons, they are lovely and entertaining in equal measure. But they are both necessary for the stories that they are in. Mister Miracle, should really be called Mister Miracle and Big Barda, based on the importance of the relationship within the comic and they are at their best when seen together.

Hulking and Wiccan

Representation matters, being able to identify with characters in fiction adds something to that experience and so any increase in diversity benefits not only those who can are represented, but also everyone else. Seeing these two Young Avengers in a loving and caring relationship that just happens to be same-sex is a good thing. It’s also a good relationship in which they both support one another and grow both as people and as a couple. Whether to show a happy couple, or increase diversity in what goes on a list like this, Hulking and Wiccan were an obvious choice.

Vision & Scarlet Witch

I appreciate that these two are not currently a couple, but from their both being on a team up until Avengers Disassembled, their’s was the most enduring love story. She was a mutant with magic and madness in her blood, he was a prosthetic person cobbled together from synthetic parts, the corpse of a golden age android and the brain patterns of a failed businessman turned supervillain. To call it an unusual love story is putting it mildly. But that is what it is. The Vision is, for all his monotone voice and mechanical origins is a deeply caring and thoughtful soul. They faced the US government, her brother, all the villains the Avengers had acquired, demons, Celestial Madonnas, several versions of Kang and time travel shenannigans, but for all that, they were a regular family. They had kids (DO NOT ASK, PLEASE!!!) in-laws, a house in New Jersey and not once, did it feel in anyway forced or artificial. Maybe over the time it was written, it was the consistently the best couple that Marvel had to offer.

Alana and Marko

I am only 7 volumes into Saga, so again, this is not an up to date thing. With that said, I love the story of Alana and Marko. Born on opposing sides of a pointless and harrowing war, they met and feel in love. They are not, by any stretch of the imagination the romantic heroes that you would think that would expect with the star-crossed lovers trope. They are not particularly bright, most of their choices are rash and they clash as much as co-operate. But they do love each other and it’s honest and crude at times and it reads as real. It’s not Mills and Boon, airport paperback sort of fair, but it is the story of two people who love each other and don’t care that the universe itself does not want that love or the baby that came from it to get out and place doubt in the minds of those who may rethink how the feel about a war that seems to be as without reason as any war. I would highly recommend this comic for anyone to read, because it is well crafted and full of characters that while fantastic in their origins are just people.

Vance Astro and Aleta Ogord

The story of Vance Astro is one that could come with the tagline of “I just cannot catch a break!” Lost over a 1,000 years from his own time, Vance had to pick himself up from the lowest place imaginable to live again, not to mention try and liberate a solar system that had suffered a decade of brutal domination by a vicious reptilian race. He went through depression, self pity and for a while self destructive tendencies, but ultimately came through it and tried to live up to the example of his childhood hero Captain America, he even wielded Cap’s shield. He went through a lot is what I am saying.

Aleta Ogord found herself married/bonded to her foster brother Stakar, forming the entity known as Starhawk. There were only a couple of times that she was able to be herself in 1,000 years. Once to conceive her three children and a couple of times by accident. The children were lost to her father’s rage. She finally was freed from her bind to Stakar and with her family gone and seperated from Stakar, she had to start putting her life together as well.

The two of them getting together came a little bit out of nowhere during the excellent Jim Valentino run on Guardians of the Galaxy. But two people having lost everything finding one another is a lovely denouement to their trials. She was able to be in his room, where he didn’t need a containment suit, which he needed everywhere else, so nothing could keep them apart. They ended up living a long and happy life together… Well obviously they didn’t. Shortly after Vance proposed Starhawk reabsorbed Aleta and flew off, destroying Vance’s brief chance at happiness.

Vance was able to live without his containment suit. They found one another again, but Aleta was only able to exist in Starhawk’s body, so whenever she spoke, it was with the face and voice of the man who took her away from Vance. This too passed, Aleta became Starhawk, but in her own body and was able to be reunited with Vance. Happy ending? Of course not, now being Starhawk, Aleta became more and more detached from her humanity (you know what I mean) and sort of looked down on Vance.

We’re not done.

She was then restored to her full self mentally and able to be with Vance again, just in time for him to need a containment suit again, this time one that he could never take off, nor could she be around too much.

Cannot catch a break.

That’s my 5 at least, any I should have put? Comments questions and stuff below.


Ttfn internet people.


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