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Feelings on a Friday “37”: Oh Look, a Clerks reference.

Hello internet people, long time no see.

I want to tell you all how well things are going and I want to be honest, can’t do both. It’s been a bit of a ropey few weeks and the need or desire to write had been almost nonexistent.

I don’t know whether or not it’s because I didn’t having anything to say, or just got out of the habit of putting words down, but I stopped doing this. The truth is, I have struggled a bit the last few weeks. Concerns over the MIGHTY Rosie (which I am not going to mention, it not being my tale to tell) and other stuff and it has left me fraught. Added to that Christmas is coming and I have SOOO far from ready for it. Plus there is the thing with the Sci-Fi convention.

<Deep Breath> On the 2nd am off to For the Love of Sci-Fi, a fan convention in Manchester. I am going with my awesome boy and the MIGHTY Rosie on one day and the plan was for a mate of mine to go the second. So then he busted his ankle. He was on the mend and the plan was on track, then a week or so ago, told me that he wasn’t going to be mobile and wouldn’t be able to go for the second day and in my own imitable style made some decisions based on the last minute panic and ended up with a hotel room that cost far too much and a lack of any real organisation over the whole thing has left it a bit of a fiasco. This I’d why by the way the MIGHTY Rosie has done most of our trip planning in the past.

Had it downgraded from a fiasco until the question was asked, what about the dog? So let’s just say I have not been at my best recently. It’s all been sorted and we are about to go to the convention, but my confidence and self esteem have taken a bit of a kicking.

I ended up getting some advice from my personal hero, the aforementioned MIGHTY Rosie. 

No one said it would be easy

There is no written word to say that life in any way shape or form would be easy. No promise of fairness and no reason to expect a smooth ride. I found that both reassuring and motivating. I find it so difficult being just a person in the world, never got the knack of it. I am riddled with doubts and anxieties. But here’s the thing, it’s OK.

It’s going to be okay. The weekend is more of a debacle than fiasco and we are better at plan b than ever with plan a. It’s going to be an adventure and something I wouldn’t have done a year ago. Everyone is looking forward to it, the dog is being looked after and I genuinely think that weekend is going to be fun.
Expect more posts, pictures from the con and at least one embarrassing story. I have weathered many storms before this and Christmas is coming. People tend to just feel a touch happier this time of year and a bit of happy is always welcome.

I’ll be back internet people, because things are about to turn around for me, mostly because I intend to make that happen. 2017 may have been a tumultuous year, but it’s going to have a triumphant December!



Liverpool based unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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