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Exiled part 2

More from my failed blog
My last days on Earth were not an ending, only the beginning.


I liked living in that town for the most part, people were friendly, but kept their distance, got a job in the local shop, found a decent off-license and to be honest, had little use for anything or anyone else. I set up a tv with netflix, got some comics and things that Jez recommended, to keep his memory alive more than anything else and tried to get on with day to day life.

It was hard, constant nightmares, shaking through the day. Interacting with anyone was difficult, I had no real purpose and felt that if I went died tomorrow, it wouldn’t make much difference. Then the nightmares started to change. There had always been lights in the sky and strange noises here and there, this town was a hub for UFO spotters, but I noticed the locals reacted as though this was new and much more frequent. My nightmares had changed to being experimented on, I’d wake up afterwards coated in sweat and strange marks, which I had assumed were caused by me in my sleep. It turns out, these nightmares weren’t that exclusive to me. I overheard a number of times people describing the exact same dream. There were lights in the sky at night and strange power outages in the town and other strange occurrences that only start to form a pattern as I look back in hindsight. Then one night, it all changed forever.

It was an ordinary night, got some booze from the off license, drank my evening meal and watched the 1979 Superman movie. I remember it from my childhood and enjoyed it again, in my booze addled state. It made me want to be that guy. Not the flying and strength and that stuff (though would be nice) but the fact he was a genuinely good person, who helped because he could and saw no problem with helping anyone and everyone. I wanted to be a good guy like that, I went to sleep/passed out, wishing I was a better person, not the broken angry mess I had become. As I was feeling bad about myself the alcohol did it’s job and I enjoyed some blurry oblivion. Sad truth, I don’t even remember what I was drinking.


I woke up, the sounds of explosions and the smell of burning flesh. There’s an old wive’s tale about it smelling like pork or bacon. There’s truth to that, the first time you smell it. It wasn’t for me, I knew what that smell was. I ran outside, stopping only to pick up my baseball bat. S’funny thing about England, almost no real interest in baseball as a sport, but sales of baseball bats are surprisingly robust. I ran towards the noise and smell of burning and I have absolutely no idea why. At the centre of the town was a tall man. I say tall, 6ft9 at the very least. He was a huge man in some kind of black armour and in his left hand was what looked like halfway between a large remote control and a microphone. Every time he squeezed it, there was a red flash and burning and screaming. I charged him.


I’ll be honest with you, in a life full of stupid decisions, that might fit nicely in the top ten as with his free left hand he punched me. I have never been hit so hard in my life. My head was spinning, my balance gone and to be honest, not even sure where he hit me. He advanced towards me, a black helmet covering his face. I swung the bat and watched it connect with the helmet, shattering the front of it and causing him to stagger. The second hit, I knew was at my face, I fell back, but his arm caught me and pulled me closer to his, now uncovered face. The first thing I noticed was three small triangular pieces of metal over his right eye, red and slightly glowing. The second thing was that he was completely without hair. No eyebrows, lashes or anything like that. He spoke to me, a voice thick and gutteral, raspy and growling.

“Sprechen Sie deutsch?” I stared blankly.

“Parlez vous francais?” I shook my head.

“Do you speak english?”


“Good, quarter cycle on this ridiculous planet, 2o nation-states, 20 languages and thousands of you apes, you’re the only one, who was worth keeping alive. I have what I need now, my partners can have you, while I exterminate the rest.”


“I can.” he hit me again, it went black.

When I woke, it would be far from earth.



Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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