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90’s Comics events: Age of Apocalypse

As per my previous post, I have recovered some of the stuff I did on 90’s comics forever

This is one of the posts I was able to save

For a series (franchise) with a theme that fits into contemporary society’s topics of discrimination, oppression and extremism. X-Men and related series have had quite a heavy amount of sci fi concepts that exist outside of the standard super-hero fare. Alien civilisations, parallel worlds, time travel and world ending cataclysms were part of the natural course of events for Marvel’s merry mutants. In 1995, work started on an event, not a cross over, not a story a honest to whatever EVENT that took all those themes, aliens, time travel, parallel worlds, super science, super powers, oppression, bigotry and 90’s styles, threw them into a blender and then spent the next four months pouring it out into something that no one could have expected

Now we enter, the Age of Apocalypse

The story was that David Haller, the omega level mutant with dis associative identity disorder and the son of Charles Xavier (Who know’s which was more of a problem) decided to go back in time before his birth and prevent the biggest threat to his father’s goal of mutant/human peace and equality from existing. His plan was to kill Magneto, long before he ever became Magneto. So he travelled back in time. Finding out about this, several of the X-Men (Bishop, Psylocke, Storm and Iceman followed him back 20 years to stop him. They failed and Legion was able to attack pre-Magneto, but instead accidentally killed his best friend, who at this time was also Charles Xavier.

So to recap, Legion went back in time before his own birth, followed by the X-Men who went back before their founding and the person responsible for both was killed, before any of this happened.

The time paradox stuff aside, this undid everything the X-Men did. Since nature abhors a vaccum, something else had to happen.

What happened was for four month the current X-titles (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, X-Factor, Excalibur, X-Force, Generation X, Wolverine and Cable) were temporarily cancelled in order to showcase what this Xavier free era would look like. With two book end issues (X-Men Alpha and X-Men Omega) this four month period launched 8 shortlived series that filled in the gaps. Apart from a couple of odd issues, this was it.

This four month 36 part event was the Age of Apocalypse. The main idea behind this was that with the battle in Israel being noticed by the immortal mutant En-Sabah-Nur (also known as Apocalypse) rose to power, with no real opposition ready to face him and within a decade had conquered the United States. Unbeknown to him Bishop had survived the change in timeline (he was already a time traveller) and contacted the X-Men (led by a Magneto who donned a costume to honour Xavier instead of his more mutant supremacist ideology) and plans became enacted to undo this Age of Apocalypse). This was a brave move by Marvel, but they knew that it would pay off as each title that was cancelled (or paused) was replaced with one of the AoA series and many kept the same creative teams and/or concepts

Uncanny X-Men became Astonishing X-Men

X-Men became Amazing X-Men

X-Factor became Factor-X

Excalibur became X-Calibre

X-Force became Gambit & the X-Ternals

Generation X became Generation Next

Wolverine became Weapon-X

Cable became X-Man

The quarterly X-Men Unlimited was also rebranded as X-Men Chronicles

This was a very 90’s series from the earnestness of it, the designs, the at times ridiculous elements and the cover enhanced insanity permeating the whole thing. This was everything that was wrong with the 90’s and yet everything that the 90’s did well. It’s been collected several times, it’s on Comixology and most likely Marvel Unlimited and is well worth a look.


Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

One thought on “90’s Comics events: Age of Apocalypse

  1. Age of Apocalypse was when we REALLY got into comics.
    The Legions Quest 4 cover with Magneto holding Xavier
    is probably our favorite comic cover of all time. AOA is
    Epic storytelling at its finest, it really changed the game.

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