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In the beginning

Trying a new blog.
Curious as to thoughts

Page of Apocalypse

In the Age of Silver there was the Man and the King:

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created a little comics called X-Men in 1963. Nestled alongside Fantastic Four, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man and the Mighty Thor, this comic despite it’s interesting ideas and characters was something of an also ran, noteable mostly for it’s civil rights metaphor backstory. Despite it’s sterling pedigree and subsequent talent on the book such as Alex Toth, Roy Thomas, Jim Steranko and Neal Adams, the comic died a merciful death after 66 issues, soon becoming a reprint title for it’s previous issues.

All-New and All-Different:

In 1975, new blood arrived on the scene with Marvel Comics writer Len Wein taking an interest in the property, with an eye to expanding it’s cast to give more of an international feel to it. New characters were introduced, others brought back and the artwork of Dave Cockrum breathed…

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