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What I’ve Enjoyed Wednesday

I went to a comic mart on Sunday, picked up some Power Pack issues, some of the Slott/Allred Silver Surfer and some toys for the boy, also picked up a couple of little gems.

Askani’Son 1-4

This was a sequel to the 1994 Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix, written and drawn by Scott Lobdell and Gene Ha and fills in some of the blanks in the early life of Nathan Christopher Charles Summers Dayspring Askani’Son (yeah, he shortened it down to Cable) and charts his progress as he begins his rebellion. The writing is competent, we get introductions to characters and story points that became important to Cable’s backstory. He we get the Clan Chosen, Aliyah JenSkott, Stryfe, Zero, the Professor and the New Canaanites. The true selling point here is the art. Gene Ha just gloriously depicts a future 2000 years hence with a vivid and detailed art style. A nice tail end to the Cyclops & Phoenix story and a hole in my collection that I glad I filled.

I also picked up the last issue I was missing of the following:-

New Warriors (2014) 1-12

Written by the under-rated Christopher Yost with a varied art team, this was a fun little series with an interesting double-hook concept, there’s the tarnished name of the New Warriors and it acting as a second chance to a lot of characters and it also highlights the variety of non-baseline humans in the Marvel Universe. The team is a fantastic list of differing super-types.

The members are:-

Vance ‘Justice’ Astrovik (Mutant)

Robbie ‘Speedball’ Baldwin (Industrial/Science accident)

Sam ‘Nova’ Alexander (Cosmically powered Space-Cop)

There’s also a ton of new guys:-

Sun Girl (Human with advanced tech)

Hummingbird (Demigod)

Watersnake (Atlantean)

Haechi (Inhuman)

Scarlet Spider (Genetically altered Clone)

Jake Waffles & Mr Whisker (Animals turned into New-Men)

There’s even magic based characters in the early stories. This team is thrown together when the High Evolutionary is trying to kill any humanoids that are not baseline human in the name of some nameless master. What we get is several stories that lead to an overall 12 part story and I found this a lot of fun. There’s pathos and drama, there’s also nonsense and silliness and it was more than anything else FUN. I liked this series, I hope Marvel doesn’t leave these characters in the dust for another ten years again.


That same day I went to see the last Hugh Jackman as Wolverine film, Logan.

Directed by James Mangold, this see’s Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart reprising their roles as James ‘Wolverine’ Howlett/Logan and Charles ‘Professor X’ Xavier. This is a story set 12 years in the future with a Charles that is slowly losing his mind and a Logan that is nearing 200 and his healing factor is failing. The two of them get caught up with a child who needs taking to safety and an enemy that wants that child and will kill everyone in their way. I’m not saying more, because I don’t want to spoil it, but I will say this.

It’s good. Rather than be an embarassed super hero film, this is a western in all but name. Logan is a retired fighter, tired of the pain and death that have followed him for over 150 years. He’s tired and wants nothing to do with the world anymore, but he’s needed and he has to once more shed blood for a good cause. How is that not a western, it parallels the movie Shane in some respects and Mangold adds those references in. The violence is neither comic book, nor glamourised and it’s brutal and at times shocking. Jackman also acts his heart out, playing a fading warrior who has very rarely seen the better side of life. There are tender moments, heartfelt moments and at times funny ones. Jackman always got short shrift with the role of Wolverine, but here, he gives it his all. I don’t know what the future of Fox’s X-Man franchise is, but here we get an ending for this era of movies and it’s a very fitting one. This isn’t an X-Men story, this isn’t Old Man Logan, this IS an entertaining movie that was worth the price of admission (by that I mean the horrific X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

Iron Fist

This has been maligned and slated as being the worst of the Marvel Netflix-verse shows, it has the least charismatic lead character and a story that’s full of cultural misappropriation and cliches. These things are true, I found the portrayal of Daniel Rand as some sort of emo-angsty teen an odd and unfortunate choice and the series had several pacing issues and you know what? I still liked it. Saying it’s the worst of these shows is like saying least favourite ice cream, or least favourite slice of pizza. It’s still better than the options we have 10 years ago. The story was true to the core of the Iron Fist story, without being slavish, there was fun moments, great action and it ended with somewhere to go. Was it perfect? No. But I still liked it as did my wife (the MIGHTY Rosie) who pointed out there were a lot of corridor fights.  Overall I enjoyed it.


We live in a geeky golden age, loving the hell out of that.

TTFN internet people.




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