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Feelings on a Friday 29 – Resolve

Hey there internet people.

It’s been a struggle the last few weeks, not done as great as I would like in a number of areas, but I’m not going to complain today. That’s not what today is about.

After a bit of dry spell, I have done a number of posts this week on one of Munky on Merseyside’s sister blogs My Marvel Life. I’ve been enjoying the writing process again and knocking a few posts out has been a positive. Positive is where I want to stay.

So here are some positives and some resolutions.

Positive 1: I have allowed my trainer (Ali Fraser of Lewis Bailey Fitness) to use pictures of me to show my progress on social media. While this is no big thing for most people, it is a deal for me, I hate people seeing me, mainly because I so often hate what it is they see. This was a step forward in how I view myself..

Resolution 1: To put more into the training, try more things and work even harder, feel so good after my session yesterday and want more.

Positive 2: The pictures themselves are something to look at for me too. I keep hearing how I look different then even 3 months ago. Last night, I saw what I looked like 5 months ago to now. I see it now, it’s very different and for the first time, the FIRST time in a long while, I looked at the old pictures from a look how well I have done, rather than a look at the fucking state of that fat bastard at the old pics.

Resolution 2: Keep at the weight loss. I have found a meal I want to try tomorrow night for tea. Cooking from a receipe is not a skill I possess, but I’m eager for the challenge.

Positive 3: The weather is changing, warmer, brighter. This can only be considered a good thing.

Resolution 3: Do more outdoors stuff, get out into the world more, not for my boy, but for me.

Positive 4: My 6 year old nephew Leo is taking the 3 peak challenge (to climb Scaffel Pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis before he is 7 in November) one is already done, local press have interviewed him, am proud of the little fella.

Resolution 4: Have put a sponsor form in work for him and there’s a link here for anyone else to have a peep at.

Positive 5: At my therapy session, was given two pieces of advice. i) Cut yourself some slack. ii) Try to look at the world with more a sense of wonder, as children do. Instead of looking at what you should do, just see more of a what can I do? What is possible?

Resolution 5: Wonder more.

As always I am here through the love and support of my son, the irrepressible Sam and the MIGHTY Rosie.

Ttfn internet people, go be positive.






Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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