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Feelings on a Friday 28: Random Thoughts n S**t

It’s been a week internet people.

I’m tired, worn down and fed up.

It’s easy to feel down at a time like this, when the world is at it’s own throat, when the newspapers are full of misery and Winter is taking it’s sweet-ass time to leave. It’s easy to feel down.

Thankfully, I have a reputation of never doing things the easy way. So I will continue to find the positives.

1: Friday is here and I am still eager for the weekend.

2: I am 12lb from my next weight-loss target and some of my clothes are now too big.

3: I feel I am making progress, making peace with some of the shit in my head and coping with it better when I can’t. Most days it’s a battle, the good days are the ones where I am winning it.

4: I have got either Crocodile or Kangaroo burgers for tea tonight.

5: After listening to the excellent Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour podcast, was led to the hilarious radio show Ray Gunn & Starburst, which is a lot of fun.

6: I have a wife who loves me, a son who adores me and the growing feeling that I am good enough for them, or at least, I can be.

7: Got a comedy gig to look forward to this month, this is a bonus.

I usually say find your 5 as a way of keeping my spirits up. I found 7 easily.

I think I am doing ok.

The battle is not won, maybe it’s a Superman thing, a never-ending battle.

If you are struggling, keep going, every now and again, pushing forward in the dark, you get to see the sun.

Metaphorically like, its miserable weather here today, ah well it’s England, summer falls on a Thursday.

Stay strong internet people, believe in yourselves. We have accomplished miracles just getting here.


Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour can be found here
The Ray Gunn and Starburst podcast can be found here


Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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