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For the Geek in me, 2016 was awesome! Part 1

Time for some top tens and positivity for our inner geeks.

These are the top ten comics I read this year. Proving that while the world at large wasn’t much fun, entertainment wise was pretty awesome.

10: Titans


An interesting comic series that follows the story of Wally West and his forgotten team, the original Teen Titans, the art is a little 90’s, but it has been a very compelling tale about a Flash that we have all missed.

9: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


An interesting tie-in comic that adds a very bronze age marvel comics feel to the 90’s kids show. The art is decent enough, but the story is fun, has a few twists and turns and yet is also quite kid friendly. Pricey for what you get, but am thinking that in tpb form, this will read really well.

8: Essential X-Men


An interesting anthology title, part of Panini’s UK reprints, this gives you 3 comics, for the price of one comic and apart from the gap from original release to this reprint, this is a great idea. All New X-Men is in there, showing the original X-Men team trying to cope in the modern world, not doing great. Extraordinary X-Men is Storm trying to save as many mutants as possible and struggling and Uncanny X-Men seems to be a variation on Uncanny X-Force, only with Magneto leading. All headlining books and for a third the price, all worth getting.

7: Superwoman


One of the newer Rebirth characters, this is a fantastic story of what happens when a Superman supporting character becomes a superhero, but with it not being a positive thing. Superwoman’s powers are harming here and will kill her and she’s trying to do the right thing as long as she can. An excellent stand alone series with a strong female lead.

6: Mighty World of Marvel


Another Marvel UK reprint series, this showcases Doctor Strange, Ms Marvel and Black Widow and again the pricing makes it a decent enough proposition. Whatever story isn’t working, turn the page and another will. My favourite title within this, changes month by month.

5: Action Comics


Dan Jurgens writing the pre-Flashpoint Superman? Yes please mate. Superman and Lex Luthor both trying to live up to the legend of the Nu52 Superman, while battling one another, this is a great series, well paced, intelligently written and as per the title action packed. There’s even a Clark Kent running around.

4: Wonder Woman


Greg Rucka returns to fix Wonder Woman. There you go, a one sentence reason to read it. The series is split in two, odd numbers are the current stories of a Wonder Woman trying to work out why her memories are messed up and trying to get home to Themiscyra. The even numbers are Wonder Woman Year One, spelling out the new origin and it’s been fantastic. Diana is naive, but not stupid, peaceful, but ready to kick all kinds of ass. This is the Wonder Woman series that’s been missing for a while and am loving it.

3: Future Quest


This is a fun and light hearted series, establishing a shared universe for all the Hanna Barbera shows from the 1960’s and 1970’s, including Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, the Herculoids, the Impossibles, Frankenstein Jnr, Mightor, the Galaxy Trio and BIRD-MAN!!!!!!! I’m sorry, you do have to shout that bit. It’s silly and fun and comics should be a bit of both sometimes.

2: Superman


I have made no secret that I didn’t like the Nu52 Superman, not because of the new continuity, or that the old stories no longer ‘matter’. It was because this character didn’t act like Superman. This ‘new’ Superman is caring, helpful and optimistic about a humanity that he feels a part of. Add that to being a husband and father and we get a fantastically rounded character and a fresh very human take on the original superhero.

1: DC Comics Rebirth Special


When this was announced, it was a very been here before sort of feeling. Post Zero Hour, post Infinite Crisis, post Flashpoint, post Convergence and so on. Every few years, DC tried a facelift and reset for it’s titles and it was becoming quite obvious that it wasn’t working, like really excessive plastic surgery. But this wasn’t a reboot, revamp, or re-start, this was more an attempt to reinvigorate the DCU, whilst adding back in some of the sense of hope and fun that the high-collared and grim/gritty/dark Nu52 seemed to do away with. This was more about staying true to the spirit of what was, without crapping on what new stuff worked. In one issue of a comic, DC seemed to say “Yup, we fucked up, but I think we can make it work again.” It was the first comic from DC in 5 years that gave me some hope. It’s lead to me reading DC again on an ongoing basis and was well worth taking the time to check it out.

That’s comics done, TV Next>



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