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Feelings on a Friday 18: A Trivial Golden Age

I am an unrepentant geek, I have comics by my feet, a comics tee-shirt next to them and an obscure comic character on my right arm. These are facts.

I am also very aware of the golden age of geekery we are living in. There are 7 big screen comic book movies this year. Yeah, that’s right 7. DC comics have 5 network shows that aren’t animated. Plus two vertigo based ones, marvel have one too, plus 3 excellent netflix series.

That’s a lot of new content, but the reason I call this a golden age isn’t that. It’s the sense of nostalgia. Think of a famous cartoon from your childhood, think of a list of them. Now, from that list deduct any that haven’t had a dvd release, TV reboot or movie remake. Shorter list isn’t it?

On YouTube, you can watch old cartoons, or videos about them. Last week I read a new comic about MASK, I know, M.A.S.K. who even remembers them?

Half of it is a cynical cash grab from millenials, the other is a need for comfort. But it’s also nice that all these stories that changed and in some cases enhanced our lives are open to be shared. In my first post,

I mentioned my first comic, I recently found a copy and Wednesday night, read it with my son. We are living in a geek golden age, we should use it, to inspire the next generation, to dream and to imagine. I was walking with him home one day this week and all we did was come up with ideas for his ‘Reptile Rangers’ super sentai type characters with a lizard/snake theme. If the geeky among play this right, we could create a geeky silver age and really get some fun ideas out there.

I like many of the geeky, live in our own little worlds sometimes, we owe it to share them. Who knows where it could lead. Someone introduced a budding film-maker to 1930’s Flash Gordon serials and Akira Kurasawa, we got Star Wars out of it.


So when you are on t’internet all butt-hurt because there’s an all female Ghostbusters film, or how a casting choice ‘ruins’ your childhood, remember this. It’s not about your childhood, but the childhood of the people who are currently having one. The things you love are still there, so go get them and share them. If you are of  the opinion that ‘things were better when I were a child’ then PROVE IT. Share this readily accessible embarrassment of riches. I told my son that the original Transformers the Movie was better than the more recent Michael Bay ones, put  that on and he loved it. So internet people, lay off the hate. We won, all the entertainment we could possibly want is at our finger tips whenever we want it.



Ta Ta for now internet people


Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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