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Munky Musings on a Miserable Monday 2: Find your Five


It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks I’ll be honest. Crap from all sides, no end of stress in sight, the worst part of it was it made having two days off last week from work, a bad thing. WTF? When did time off become a bad thing? Had some time off with my boy on Wednesday, we did a shop around town and then a trip to the world museum in Liverpool, not to be mistaken for the museum of Liverpool. Back to work on Thursday and a horrible day was had there. What made matters worse was that my water bottle leaked inside my gym back, ruining my phone, card reader and a dozen comics I had in my bag, so that told you what my day was like, the next day I was told I eat too loudly in work, yup, I have that kind of boss.

Have had to replace my phone (again) and it’s a little like a shitty weekend too. I have my last therapy session on Wednesday and that’s a load of mixed feelings right there. Needless to say, it’s been a unusual few days. I’d be forgiven for starting this week with a more morose look on life. But you know what? F**k IT!!

Today is Monday, start of the week, best time for a better attitude to start the week.

So lets do some positives.

My son turned 6 on saturday, I’ve been a dad for 6 years and on the whole, loving it. Despite some friction due to his not listening and tiredness on all sides, it’s been less fun, but got cuddles before I left for work, so that’s a positive.

Started reading the Ultraverse comics from the early 90’s, some decent stuff in there and can’t wait to read a little more.

Started watching Cougar Town again with my wife (the Mighty Rosie) and enjoying that more second time round.

Getting new windows today, that’s a positive also.

Next week am going to start a writing course.

Sometimes, it’s the little bits of things that matter, the big stuff is just there, health, work, extended families and stuff like that. The little stuff are the things that matter most

Challenge, find five things today that were positives, just five, not matter how much of a stretch. Because those five things might be what today is all about.

Here’s mine

New Phone works well

Boss is away, so work is better

Sun is shining

Discovered new podcasts

and the big one … The Mighty Rosie and my son are at home today, so will be able to see them in less than 3 and a half hours.

Find your Five internet people.




Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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