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Munky in the Morning……

Hoping a happy and fun filled weekend was had by you all in internet land.

I recorded a promo for my upcoming podcast last night… f**k it was awful, bad sound quality congested voice and all that, but I did it, will probably need a better mic, have one coming on thursday, so will look at that then.

Started looking a new furniture for the living room with my wife (The Mighty Rosie), have completed my application for a provisional driving license, so will be able to post that tonight. Things are moving forward. Have spent a lot of time recently reflecting on stuff, thinking about what I need to do, my failures, my goals and all that, that’s all good stuff, that’s all positive things, but to be honest, I feel like being just a little bit trivial today.

Stuff that made me smile.

: Spent a lot of time with my son on the weekend, with binge watching in the mornings, whilst both of us were tired, to all three of us doing a Pokemon Go walk around the docks. It’s been so much fun and get a few days with him over the summer holidays, where it’s just him and me, so looking forward to that.

: Played a fair bit of Lego Marvel Superheroes with the Mighty Rosie and that’s been fun, doing stuff together, blowing s**t up and unlocking things, it’s so much fun.

: Am enjoying modern comics again, which is nice and saw some news from San Diego Comic Com that was fun, well I say news, mostly trailers, the announcements kind of leave me cold, but here’s some choice bits of geekery we have to look forward to.


It’s easy to get caught up with the horror of the way the world looks at the moment, fear and despair and all that, forgive me for wanting to look forward to some geek-stuff that I can watch with the Mighty Rosie (I’m sorry, Power Man & Iron Fist are going to be on telly WTF!!!) because I know when I am sitting next to her watching weird or fun stuff, the world doesn’t seem so bad. With just a couple of little bits of fun and joy and hope, we can endure all kinds of stuff we didn’t think we could. We face a world that may have a Trump presidency in the US and a prominent role for Boris Johnson in british politics and an uncertain EU future, but we can endure.

All things are possible, it’s a Monday, but I am feeling positive.

I know I am rambling, but I didn’t promise quality, I promised random musings.

Find some reason to smile, it’s doesn’t have to be deep, I met a dog on sunday, that was nice enough.


Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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