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Rebirths, Reboots & Retcons: Justice League Rebirth

Another rebirth title



Synopsis: Fear the Reaper was written and drawn by Bryan Hitch with inks by Daniel Henriques and Scott Hanna and opens with a huge (and I am under selling the word HUGE!!!!) monster attacking New York.



This is intercut with members of the Justice League mourning the loss of their Superman and voicing this distrust of this new Superman. Batman suggests inviting him to join the League, that way, they can keep an eye on him. Meanwhile Superman (as Clark Kent/Smith) is having a simliar conversation with Lois.


Initially it’s a stripped down league, we have Aquaman, Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg, doing their best, saving lives, but with a monster the size of New York, infecting and collecting people, they haven’t much  of a chance. The team go inside the creature, looking for a brain. They find a brain the size of Manhattan, there Aquaman learns it calls itself a reaper, that there are more coming and they want the Earth. Outside, Simon Baz & Jessica Cruz, the Green Lanterns of sector 2814 arrive and start blasting their way inside. There’s little effect. Then in flies Superman, who zaps several different parts of the brain and instructs everyone to hit those areas too. They don’t kill the creature, they don’t cripple it, but they do hurt it. The infected people are released and the league point out, this world is defended


The creature leaves and Batman offers Superman the membership and all he gets is “I’ll be around.”

The league offer their congratulations  to the rookie Green Lanterns and the news reports the battle.


Notes: This is a bit more of the remit of Rebirth, it’s a jumping on point, giving an overview and status quo of the Justice League as well as opening the door to some stories. It hits on bad points and good points in equal measure to be honest, so will look at it in that order.

Bad: Whenever you look at Hitch’s work, it gives you the glossy almost soul-less blockbuster look he gave Authority and Ultimates, but without the writer’s name to compensate. Another thing is was noticed by a podcaster from the excellent Fantasticast (Shout out to Mr Leyland there) is that it’s almost exactly like the first Doctor Who Christmas special from the post Eccleston era, right down to the “This world is defended.” The only other thing is that the scale of destruction is a bit unclear.

Good: The glossy and widescreen art does sort of fit the Justice League, it’s a bigger than life book, for bigger than life characters. These aren’t the insecure and bickering teams of other books, this is the “We Got This” team, the ones you call in when something this big happens. This comic does show you why. The characterisation is minor, but what we get is very good, the conflict between Simon Baz and the rest of the team, the grief of Wonder Woman and that trope of Batman using the League as his own personal army at times. Even the trite-ness of Superman’s last minute arrival and day-saving makes a degree of sense when you look at how Hitch set it up mid-issue.

Rating: 3 out of 5

This is uneven, but it was fun, it was high adventure and high stakes drama and I liked it. It wasn’t the best of issues, but it left me wanting enough to look for the next issue.


Next Time: Superman & Son again



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