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Rebirths, Reboots & Retcons: June 2016 part 2: Flash Rebirth

Goes without saying


1 F1

Synopsis: Doomed to repeat was written by Joshua Williamson with art by Carmen DiGiamenico and opens with Central City Police Department investigating a murder. The victim, Heather Macy, was seemingly killed by her husband in front of their young son. It’s noticed that this case is simliar to the death or Nora Allen, which was witnessed by her young son Barry. who is now full grown and the on-call forensic scientist as well as the Flash. Given the similarities between that care, which led to Barry’s father Dr Henry Allen being imprisoned for 15 years before being acquitted, Captain Singh pulls Barry off the case. Barry is currently having flashes of speedster related visions and takes the Captain’s advice, gets out of sight and races off as the Flash.



He goes over the case with his father Henry. After getting nowhere Barry goes off for another run and this time, we get another look at the scene from DC Universe Rebirth between Barry and Wally West. After that touching scene, both run off in different directs. Wally runs to find the Teen Titans and Barry goes to meet with another forensic detective, Batman.

F3 F4


As these two discuss recent events, including their experiences during DC Universe Rebirth, the police at the Macy crime scene comment that the husband confessed and the lead detective points out, that Barry Allen has too much going on and sometimes, he makes mistakes.

F6 F7

Notes: I really want to like this. I enjoy the Flash TV series and having both Flashes in this should have been a big plus, but to be honest, it left me cold.

DiGimenico’s art is  great, especially the running scenes, but the day to day stuff is also eye pleasing. The art isn’t the problem. Nor is bringing back the original Wally West, or emphasising a relationship between Flash and Batman, actually it makes a lot of sense given their backgrounds, this fleshing out of a friendship is a good thing. The big issue here, is that this is the 5th start for Barry Allen now and it lacks a reason to be any different from the last couple. It’s well done, but  it feels hollow and uninspired. I’m sure that this will do well, but I think this is my time to get out of the Flash race.

Rating:  3 out of 5.

I liked this, but nowhere near enough to start getting the new series.

Next Time: He can breath underwater, can talk to fish and pull off an orange and green combo, it’s time for the other King Arthur, Aquaman.



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