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June 2016:DC Comics Rebirth – Or, well here we go again.

Comics related stuff, sorry.

8 Months ago, I wrote that I was giving Marvel another chance comic wise. With the rising costs and 3rd and 4th issues becoming more and more lack lustre, I decided to get out again, just as I did with DC during the first couple of years of the Nu52 which started in 2011. As new events started and more series were announced, I was happy I made that call. As a result, beyond graphic novels and the odd impulse buy, I kinda got the impression me and monthly comics were coming to a sort of end.

I first heard about rebirth through facebook and other more social media outlets and I had a sort of “heigh-ho” blaseness about it. Then on free comic book day last month, I got a special copy of previews


Went back and forth on maybe started reading DC again, after all, I am a comic fan/addict/victim. (Delete as appropriate.) Started hearing positive stuff from trusted sources and since I had a comixology account, decided to get the DC Rebirth special.


Now, here’s how I left DC. It was a dark and miserable place,  overly violent, bleak and oh so serious. DC had more hope and more fun to it, so seeing that leave was to my mind, reason enough to go too. But Rebirth changed my mind, it brought by Wally West, if not my favourite Flash, certainly the overall best written one, but didn’t get rid of the other Wally West that had recently been introduced. It seemed to offer the idea that history was wrong and that things should be different. It also showed me something I hadn’t seen since 2010, Superman. Oh don’t get me wrong, Superman was still in a comic, but that was very much a Superman’esque character, just like the one in the recent DC movies. It was another of several different versions of Superman, but there was none of the hope and overall decent-ness that you associate. A facebook friend of mine suggested Lois and Clark, which was a story about the pre-Nu52 Superman, his wife Lois and son Jonathan.


This was Superman as I remembered him, honest, caring, calm and above all hopeful. It was well written, decently drawn and fun. As I dad, I could relate to the worries and fears about his son’s safety as a husband his dealings with his wife made sense too. I even liked that he stayed in the shadows to avoid confusion with the Nu52 Superman. Then I learned that this was going to be the new Superman. I didn’t know how that was going to work, but was curious. So I gave some Rebirth titles a go.

STL007337-600x923 download (1)


I liked what I saw, probably won’t be reading Aquaman or Flash, but I liked what I saw for the first time in a while from DC. Lois & Clark Superman going public made little sense, but if the new one was gone, stepping up is exactly what he would do. For the first time in 5 years, Superman comics have someone I recognise as Superman in it and new things are happening.

5245669-ac_cv957_ds 3613832.jpeg.square-true_maxheight-285_size-285


I know I’ll be disappointed, I know it’ll end badly and I know I’ll spend too much in between now and then, but I have comics that I can enjoy and when the world seems a miserable place, hope, even fictional hope is a good thing.

Maybe I should start reviewing these?

Feedback is always appreciated.



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