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Well it’s wednesday, made it this far


Yesterday, as part of a father’s day thing at my son’s school, any dads who could attend, got a massage from their son/daughter. Lost newsletters and work have prevented me and my wife (The Mighty Rosie) from doing this sort of thing in the past, so was glad to get this chance to attend.

As massages go, it was done by a 5 year old, but the fact they did it is worthy of note. So much today is about not doing stuff, or being closed off from each other, making us afraid to be open and caring. The reasons for this are numerous and many are valid, but that’s not what this is about. The fact they teach this is remarkable. The idea originated in sweden I think, through this massage, the kids are encouraged to comfort one another and be more emotionally expressive. We too often are separated from those around us and feel alone, this is a counter to it. The best thing about this is the first part “always ask permission” right there at 5, they are taught the idea of consent. Considering how messed up some adults are and the terrible things they often do, this is a good thing to have ingrained in them at an early age. Them doing this, gives me the idea that not all our mistakes and sins need be passed to the next generation, maybe they’ll be a bit smarter than we were.

As this country heads to a tense referendum and the US heads into a very polarising general election, we are so often reminded of the s**t that divides us. I got a leaflet about the leaving the EU campaign and it said that more countries were joining the EU, several million more people. As if that in itself was inherently bad. Of all the issues I could take with the EU, it being big and full of foreigners isn’t really one thing I worry about. We are told to hate, commanded fear and far too often, we obey and we think that is living in the real world.

I call bulls**t.

I sat in a room yesterday, filled with dads who took time off work to come in and get massages off 4 and 5 year old kids and then take them home early. That was a room full of love and devotion at both ends, with teachers who work damn hard for too little pay teaching kids stuff that we really should already be teaching them. That is the real world too. I am not naive, I know the dangers in this world, fear is a presence in all our lives as it has been since we were cave people. But there is a world where we need to fear the foreigner, legislate against people for minor differences and view even people we know as potential threats to our ‘way of life’ , whatever that means. There is also a world, where we work together to solve problems, where people try to prevent fear by speaking about the things we fear, where demagogues and loons seeking office are opposed, where our children can be taught to love, to feel, to care and most of all to think for themselves. I know which world I want to live in.

When we are called upon to vote, should we ask, what am I afraid of? Or what do I want? Or is a better question, what is the right thing to do here? People have voted with their fears and their wallets being the main thoughts. Well look where that got us. I’m going to vote next with my conscience.

We live in a world of wonders, don’t let those who want something from us, force us to paint it in blood and s**t.

Inane ramblings over for now, see you later internet people.



Liverpool based unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

3 thoughts on “Well it’s wednesday, made it this far

  1. It’s easier to rule people when they’re scared, I think that’s why fear has become the focus of so many campaigns.
    Knowledge and education teaches people not to be afraid of others because they’re ‘different’ to us. It also gives us the ability to question what we’re told.
    Underneath it all, we’re all human and the majority of us just want to live in peace and harmony, if only our governments would let us.
    The best we can do is raise our kids to just be nice people, to not judge and above all to never stop learning.

  2. Knowledge is power, people fear the unknown. Another human gem of a post. I teach English to Kindergarten-grade 3 kids here in Thailand because I refused to work for anything I couldn’t support with my conscience. We recently had a discussion where the conclusion was that I actually teach love and tolerance of differences (me) just as much as English – for example, I don’t hit the kids to discipline them. I get a lot of pressure from the other teachers to do so but it’s not my way – #BeTheChange.

    Nice to hear your kids have good teachers too – there’s hope for humanity yet!

    Much love ♡

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