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A tragedy, pure and simple

Been back from holiday for two weeks now, the holiday high has worn off and we are back to reality. My sleep patterns are a bit weird, making mine the best in the house, my wife’s insomnia is causing concern and my son is exhausted. Then there’s the news which is full of fluff, football and fear mongering.

Then there’s Orlando. 50 shot and killed by one man and all you can see on social media is blame, posturing and politics. The fact they were gay is secondary to the fact they were people, innocent lives lost for no reason at all. The fact the shooter was muslim, is also secondary to the fact that he murdered over four dozen people and horrifically harmed many many more. This isn’t a case of white privilege, but an acknowledgement that maybe we shouldn’t be looking for the message or the ‘narrative’ of this tragedy and just realise that’s what this is, a tragedy. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of those lost.

I don’t know anyone involved, nor have I been anywhere near Florida, am  not gay, or muslim or any group connected to it, but I am sorry for what has happened, fathers and sons, brothers and boyfriends, uncles and nephews, friends and neighbours have died and we are all lesser for this happening. If I were one to pray, I would. Maybe what I will do, is realise life is fragile and we should treat each other with dignity and decency, because whether there is a god, or whatever he wishes to be called, we’re all on this world together at the moment and we should try to act like it.

I don’t know what the point of my post is, I very rarely do. I just wanted to write something about this, because it’s happening far too often not to notice. Oh, by the way, if you are using social media to express anything other than sadness or outrage at this senseless waste of innocent life, you’re part of the problem, sort yourself out, the rest of us will be in the 21st century.

We should be better than this, we should treat each other better than this.


Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

12 thoughts on “A tragedy, pure and simple

  1. Very well said. I don’t think this is the correct time to push for tighter gun control or jump to conclusions that this was caused by a terrorist network. This is the time to be sad for people who were tragically killed. Later, when the investigators find more facts about why this happened, we can talk about other things, like tighter gun control.

  2. It’s all secondary what these people may have been classified as. They were people. So sad my thoughts with those who lost a loved one. Great honest post. Ivan.

  3. Fantastic post! Found my way here through the reblog.
    It’s sad, hurtful, disgusting.. And a lot of the other adjectives that one might want to use. Most of all, it is shameful…

  4. Very well said! This has been happening far too often because the people who plan such tragedies know that the worst that can happen is a lot of blaming and name calling on the social media. Nothing and I mean nothing else will be done to stop something like this from being repeated!

  5. I couldn’t agree more. And even some of the people expressing “Sadness” are starting to irk me. I’ve had many people posting so much that I’m starting to think they’re trying to get their own attention from it. People need to just come together and stand tall at a time like this. We cannot let it bring us down. I doubt all of this blaming and finger-pointed happened in Paris after their attack. 😦

  6. So very well written and all so true. It’s sad, shameful, disgusting and makes me wonder about so much. All I know is that we need to focus on love and not hate if we have any chance of a better world.

  7. Very well-said. I caught your article from Diane’s reblog and you have captured the emotions of many across the world so well. It is indeed a very inhumane and unfortunate incident. The only thing we can do sitting from our homes are to pray for the souls who were affected by this and be the change we want to see..

  8. This is a perfect example of why we must QUESTION EVERYTHING! When we read about something that so obviously promotes/provokes hate – of anyone regardless of political affiliation or religion – without stopping to question who is benefitting from this publicity, we risk being manipulated into supporting a cause we don’t fully understand and people who don’t fully take responsibility for leading the charge.

    It was not only ‘gays’ that were the victims, we are all living in fear because, as you said, this was a tragedy for all humanity.

    The war we are in right now, this ‘war on terror’, is a global religious war – the ‘West’ (traditionally christian society) vs Islam (and other incompatible, mutually exclusive groups of others).

    We also want to state plainly: this is not our attempt to use this tragedy to get attention for ourselves. We simply would like to offer our perspective on this tragedy to try to help bring clarity, sense, and purpose to those let behind.

    In Orlando it was ‘a muslim’ who killed ‘gays’; the conflict was yet again over-simplified and christianity came out on top (at least in public opinion).

    This is yet another attempt to use over-simplified headlines to increase division and polarization between people.

    “If I were one to pray, I would. Maybe what I will do, is realise life is fragile and we should treat each other with dignity and decency, because whether there is a god, or whatever he wishes to be called, we’re all on this world together at the moment and we should try to act like it.”

    Dignity comes with esteem, from feeling you are worth respecting. The cognitive dissonance created in the wake of headlines such as these are aimed precisely at destroying dignity, at making people confused about whether the ‘side’ they happen to be born on to deserves respect, at making them doubt their own dignity.

    Don’t you feel it? You don’t have to be christian to feel confused about the actions and events we read about our western leaders and media carrying out, promoting, ignoring, or cynically using for political gain.

    If we start to understand how they use these techniques (causing doubt and confusion, polarization, and cognitive dissonance) to socially engineer our world, we can protect ourselves and fight back. These techniques are based on human psychology, and with the amount of data the technicians have been able to collect on that subject via social media, they have been able to create an essentially scientific method of creating whatever emotional climate the executor wishes.

    Religion is the ‘oldest book’ (books) on the subject of human psychology. People fear the unknown so we aim to shed some light on how religion is used to control the masses.

    Trump is currently using exactly the same tactics in his campaign. We can break the cycle and take back some control but we must act immediately and start to share what we know from our personal experiences. Our FB accounts are super-censored (we can supply proof) so we are trying through blogs. We are currently writing about religion and politics but all of our analysis (of mainstream media articles, to be credible not conspiratorial) is based on our personal experience and what we discovered through it.

    Thank you LiverpoolMunkey76 for being brave enough to add your voice and for allowing us to add ours as well.

    Enough is enough. Knowledge is power. We need not live in fear any longer.



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