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A number of times, have heard the words, or have used them, you are stronger than you think.

And it reminded me of this page from All Star Superman. Due to the upcoming film, there’s a renewed who’s better argument between fanboys and usually leaning towards Batman, for reasons of cool, relatability or some such. For me though, it’s Superman and my argument is this


Would I want a ton of money? Sure. A butler? Ok. But the best part of me would want to be the guy who was there for those who needed him.

Does flying men from Krypton exist? No, but heroes do, my wife is my hero and she does for me daily that same act of heroism. The Mighty Rosie is my hero. She may not fly, but she saves me whenever she is near.




Liverpool based family man and unrepentant geek, trying to understand what's going on in my own head, which is not always being a good place to be. Remember always, we live in a world of wonders.

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